Body reshaping and Cellulite treatment

Body reshaping and Cellulite treatment

Body Reshaping And Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment is one of the most advanced treatments for reshaping the human body, without invasive procedure or surgery. The treatment helps to reduce the unwanted fat, exercise and resistant fat, especially the belly fat grown post pregnancy and delivery. The treatment is the best alternative to liposuction, which is the most advanced cosmetic procedure, for reshaping the body to a beautiful and natural architecture. The procedure can permanently refine the body contour effectively and safely.

Treatment Procedure

Cellulite treatment for body reshaping is a clinically proven procedure, which includes combination of different modalities, such as deep tissue heating and suction coupled negative pressure and radio-frequency energy. Radio frequency pulses are delivered in series, at a pace of 1 million cycles per second. An intense sound is heard, however, it is safe enough. The body temperature is monitored consistently, through thermal monitoring arrangements in order to ensure that the temperature is in control. Heat is distributed to the underlying fat under the skin and result in contraction, through radio frequency energy. The radio frequency energy is given in an organized way as a combination of controlled energy pulses and vacuum, which function synergistically. At most 40% of fat cell reduction can be expected in a single session. Considerable reshape can be found in the areas of legs, underarm, back fat and abdomen.

Some of the procedures combine four different technologies, like Radio Frequency, Suction, Massage and Infrared light, while using mechanical rollers. It works intensely and help to reduce localized deposits of fat, more effectively, contouring and eventually firming the focused area of treatment.

The treatment procedure does not hurt the body and most of the time it is comfortable, except a mild warming of the skin and gentle sensation of pulling, because unwanted stubborn fat pockets are focussed with both vacuum and frequency.

Treatment Sessions

Contouring sessions needed for complete treatment are about 8 times, each performed weekly. After each session, the feel of smoother and softer skin is evident. Each focus area is focussed from 10 to 20 minutes.

Post Procedure

Spot and blemish are any kind of mark present and visible on the skin. Most of these spots and blemishes are not harmful, however treatment is needed if they look big and dominant. Blemishes are of different kinds, like acne, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, dark spots etc.