Derma-Rolling Treatment

Derma-Rolling Treatment

What is Derma-Rolling?

Derma rolling treatment, which is also known widely as collagen induction, is performing rolling on the skin using dermatological instrument, dermaroller, consisting of needles. This treatment is ideal for scars, especially, atrophic scars, which appear like dent and look ugly, while overhead light falls over the skin. The objective of the dermaroller therapy is collagen rejuvenation that in turn produces firm and healthier skin.

Dermaroller for acne Scars

Derma-Rolling treatment procedure involves small microscopic needles over the device, dermaroller and while rolling over the skin, it creates holes on the skin surface and thus higher production of collagen is produced and the generating newer skin cells layers, while improving the elastin.

Dermaroller procedure is performed with an idea of tricking the skin into the process of wound healing through making thousands of very tiny punctures on the skin surface with dermaroller’s microscopic needles. Eventually, deep lines, depressed cards and wrinkles would be diminished. The procedure has the best benefit of allowing for maximum anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream absorption, which eventually helps to increase production of collagen and wrinkles reduced, right after the first session.


  1. Before 45 minutes of starting the procedure, an anaesthetic cream would be applied on the site of procedure.
  2. Initially, the procedure is started with the heads of dermaroller dipping in a solution. The needles have the length of 0.5 to 1.55 millimeter.
  3. The needles will be taken out from the solution and then applied on the scarring. every time the dead is lifted and then direction gets changed.
  4. Dermarolloer with different heads are used to treat the mouth, jaws and bumpy sites on and around the nose. This head looks like a barrel shape, which has a base like a wheel and it helps rolling on any delicate surface and even the areas that are hard to reach on the face. It may give tingling sensation for the patient, however, no pain is experienced when treated by an expertise.

The entire process takes 15 to 25 minutes and it changes according to the severity of the acne and intensity of the problem.

For acne treatment, it takes around six sessions and it can give up to 60% improvement. Damaged skin can be filled back with new collagen through this procedure. this procedure is suitable for the acne and scarring problem, but not for the cases of hyper-pigmentation.

After the procedure, mild swelling with slight redness may be possible and it may lasts from 2 to 40 hours and healthy skin is experienced later.


Dermaroller stands as the perfect option to treat rough uneven skin and acne scars.