Face Lift – Non Surgical

Face Lift – Non Surgical

What Is It?

Every human being undergoes aging process and it is quite natural. This aging process result in changes of face from 40 to 45 years, both in men and women and this process gains momentum post 60 years. Every human being has to be prepared for sagging that includes bags under eyes, darker skin because of pigmentation, wrinkles on the hands and face and sagging skin and one should master the art of ageing so gracefully. This age period is so crucial and one can be lead chronic disease free life and healthy life by practising regular exercises, walking, yoga and regular medical check-ups.

A human is as old as you think and never forget this golden rule.

How It Is Done?

Face-lift procedure is done through various treatment procedures, both surgical and non-surgical and it is needless to say that the non-surgical procedure is safe enough. Selection of the invasive or non-invasive procedure is mostly based on the condition of the body and affordability of the budget and personal preferences of the patient.

Face-lift procedure can be implemented in various procedures, like chemical peels, wrinkle reduction treatment, injectable fillers, fraxel, photo-rejuvenation, thermage and platelet rich plasma treatment.

Non-surgical treatment for face-lift can be performed in different ways.

Chemical Peels – This treatment is the first line of treatment and it is quite common for treatment of the darker skin complexion. These peels are once applied thick and then allowed to dry. It is continued to dry for 4 to 5 days to allow for sufficient exfoliation. There are different chemical peels for different skin problems and conditions of the face.

Fraxel – The procedure of Fraxel is done by a fractional CO2 laser light for rejuvenation of the skin. The procedure is performed by transferring the heat using laser gun to the skin, by focussing on smaller treatment areas, through hte beams that are pixelated. The objective of this face-lift treatment is to boost production of the collagen and renew the facial skin.


Face-lift using fractional CO2 laser skin is the most effective one and most advanced one. It has several benefits of non-invasive or non-surgical treatments and the side effects are much lesser. Most importantly, face-lift treatment through Laser skin rejuvenation system is quite simple and easier.