Facial Hair Treatment

Facial Hair Treatment

What Is It?

Facial hair treatment is a procedure of removing the hair on the areas of face and neck. Facial hair removal is a complex procedure, as the treated area is the face, which is quite sensible and utmost care is required. There were several procedures available before and laser facial hair treatment is the latest and most advanced for removal of facial hair.

How It Is Done?

Laser beam targets and focuses the pigment located in the shaft and follicle of the hair. Pigment in the hair would then absorbs the light completely and this light energy would be converted to the heat energy and this heat energy damages the follicle of the hair. Damage of the follicle, though does not destroy the growth potential of the hair, but delays re-growth of the hair and eventually, most of the hair gets destroyed.


Laser facial hair treatment is faster and easier, for instance better than electrolysis, which treats each hair follicle once at a time. Laser treatment targets hundreds of follicles right at one shot.

Laser treatment for facial hair is safer enough. The laser is turned on or pulsed just for a fraction of one second and in this very short pulse duration, each hair follicle is disabled. The heat generated result in heating the treatment area and so this heat is actively cooled with a hand piece and this skin is cooled actively during and after transmission of the laser light. The device protects the skin completely from any injury and heat.

The actively cooling hand piece has a cooling tip that has milder anesthetic property to ensure tender areas to be painless relatively. The heat only gives the sensation of stinging and tingling, while the treatment is going on. This procedure is quite comfortable for most of the people and can tolerate well. Once the treatment is completed, the treated area may experience in sensation of sun-burn and it may continue for several hours.

Only some of the machines are cleared to use for facial laser hair reduction permanently, by the FDA in the US. This approval is done only after extensive clinical studies. These machines can perform the hair reduction to 85%. Follicles in the area of treatment are destroyed to a better level, though not completely, but further it can produce only light and fine hair.