Hair Loss

Hair Loss

What Is It?

Gradual hair loss or baldness of hair is depressing to the human personality, which does not leave men and women, usually at their older ages. Though it is occurred mostly at older ages, it may also occur at young ages also, especially, when a human is in his or her prime of their lives and ascend their ladder of career in their domain and expertise. Baldness occurs both in men and women, but there is a difference in the pattern of baldness. Pattern baldness and hair loss occurs in horse-show or M shape and in female, it is on scalp’s mid-frontal region. Hair loss treatment can solve all these problems in a potential way.


The primary causes for hair loss are lack of essential nutrients and proteins, stress, emotional or physical trauma.


Hair fall is more than the usual. Every time, when the hair is combed there will more hair comes with the comb and sometimes, even without using the comb also, hairs are seen on the floor.

Risk Factors

When the hair fall is not identified immediately the problem starts, the problem becomes more prominent and after the problem becomes severe, there will be less possible treatments suitable and small results are obtained.


Actually, the candidate is the best person to understand and assess the level of hair fall with intensity.


Hair loss treatment is performed in non-invasive and minimally invasively and sometimes the treatment is combined with oral medications and certain changes in diet also are recommended.

Most widely used potential medication is minoxidil and finasteride. Consuming finasteride on regular basis may take 6 months to yield better results finally to re-grow hair, by inhibiting the testosterone conversion into di-hydrotesterone or even DHT. Production of DHT has to be inhibited, because it causes the shrink of hair follicles. Minoxidil lotion is applied on the scalp and it stands more potent in terms of re-growing the hair again.

There are others ways of treatment also, as the following.

Corticosteroids Injections

The objective of the Corticosteroids is to arrest hair loss, by suppressing the immune system through auto-immune activity. It makes use of topical corticosteroids injections continued for three months and then applying of topical corticosteroids is recommended.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant treatment is opted usually if the other bald curing treatments stop working. Initially,one scalp section is grafted on the areas, where hair is not present. Surgical instruments designed specially for this purpose of making pores over the area of scalp and thereby grafting the hair. After inserting the hair, hair gets held tight and together as part of blood thickening process and it does not require sutures and stitches.

Topical Corticosteroids

The process of hair loss is arrested by using the ointments and creams, such as momethasonone, beclomethasone and hydrocortisone get applied over the scalp and retained for longer time. It also helps re-growing the hair.


Wigs can be the final alternatives, if the re-growth of the hair is not made. These are usually made from real hair or arcrylic. Real hair is good in terms of look, however demand more maintenance and even hair dresser to set it right. Acrylic made wigs are cheaper, however with sunlight, it becomes hot.


Hair loss treatments are beneficial because they are useful to inhibit the process of hair loss and quicken the process of re-growth of the hair.

Treatment of hair loss is reversible also and it may last in a year.