Permanent hair reduction diode lasers

Permanent hair reduction diode lasers

Permanent Hair Reduction Diode Lasers

Permanent hair reduction can be made easily possible with diode lasers. It makes use of semiconductor technology and it produces coherent light projection in the range, visible to infrared rays.

Diode laser treatment can reduce the density of hair as well as remove unwanted hair permanently. There is a difference between permanent hair reduction and permanent hair removal. Permanent hair reduction is allowing re-growth of the hair post a single session or single course during the therapy and ongoing laser treatment is required for the patient. In contrast, permanent hair removal is that none of the treated area of hair would re-grow after a single therapy course. So, patient does not need ongoing laser therapy.

Diode Laser Treatment Procedure

Diode laser technology uses a simple light beam to target the skin’s chromophores with a narrow spectrum. Lasers emit light of specific wavelength with a single colour, accordingly. As and when the light is targeted or focused to the skin, the light emits energy and it gets transferred to the hair pigment melanin and skin. It eventually heats hair and damage the tissue of the surroundings of target.

Here, the objective is to minimize the skin damage and still remove the targeted hair permanently and so the laser gets targeted to only the hair follicle stem cells, specifically, which sit in the hair bulge. Here, the surface of the skin also has melanin, it should not be affected and damaged. So, the hair is shaved very carefully, before the treatment.

Influencing Factors

There are certain factors that influence the overall success of the treatment.

  • The skin complexion of the patient
  • The thickness and color of the hair, treated
  • The expertise and competence of the laser device operator
  • The quality and type of laser used for treatment

Since the laser diode hair removal is operated with melanin, grey hair cannot be reduced or removed permanently, because of no pigmentation of melanin.

Number of Treatments

Again number of treatments is dependent upon some of the influencing factors. It depends majorly on the type of the skin, such as sensitivity of the skin to sun, skin complexion and the skin likelihood to tan.

Dark hair is easier and faster to achieve permanent hair reduction or removal, because of more melanin pigmentation. It takes 4 to 6 sessions for every 4 to 6 weeks. For fair skin complexion, it takes more time, usually from 6 to 12 sessions. It is because fairer or pale skin gets tanned rarely and burnt easily. Dark brown or moderate brown skin gets rarely tanned or burnt, hair removal is easier and faster.

Post Treatment

After the diode laser treatment procedure given for reduction of hair, icing is done around the target area with diode handpiece novel device that helps to reduce the pain caused from laser treatment, through vacuum assisted suction.


The advantage of diode laser technology for permanent hair reduction is comparatively better than Ruby and Alexandrite, because diode laser has wavelength of 800nm and it enables deepest penetration levels and also increase absorption of melanin. This unique advantage and characteristic makes the diode laser technology as the most suitable laser hair removal technology. And this technology is both effective and safe for all kinds of hair and skin in the entire area of the body.

Compared to the other laser hair removal treatments, diode laser is the effective treatment for both darker and fairer skins. For example hair reduction 6 months after for Alexandrite lasers and intense pulsed light epilators is lesser than 70%, whereas laser diode laser is more than 70%.