Permanent Treatment of Laser Hair

Permanent Treatment of Laser Hair

What Is It?

Laser hair permanent treatment for laser hair reduction is the treatment of reduction of body and facial hair using laser light lasers. Candidates of all complexions of colours and all types of hair can be benefited with this treatment.

How It Is Done?

Permanent treatment of laser hair is performed through producing intense light, which would be absorbed by the melanin or pigment in hair. Here, the light is absorbed by the melanin and heats up. This heat eventually damages the follicle of hair, while surrounding tissue is maintained with no damage. Hair follicle, after gets damaged, it would stop the hair production or it replaces thick hair with vellus hair, which is light-coloured and fine hair. With the permanent treatment of laser hair, electrical current is delivered by electrolysis to the hair follicle and it ends up with hair removal, permanently.

Once the treatment is completed, minimal redness can be expected over the treatment site. This redness can be easily cleared by applying ice and soothing creams in just 30 to 45 minutes.

All hair from the treatment site cannot be removed at an instant, because all the hair follicles wouldn’t be active simultaneously. Hence, multiple treatments are required for hair removal from each area of treatment. Mostly people need 3 to 6 treatments, with each treatment is scheduled with 4 to 6 weeks break. You doctor may recommend once or twice maintenance treatments for one year, after the initial treatment.

Factors Influencing the Results

Thickness of Hair

Thicker hair is more accessible and responded better compared to the thinner hairs.

Body Area

Hair over legs, arms, under arms and hair in the area of bikini would be responded better to the treatment. In contrast, hair at lip and chin and other facial hair becomes more resistant to remove.

Hair Color

Dark hair is more accessible and easier for lasers to remove. Sufficient melanin is lacked by the light hair, to absorb the light and to get the hair follicle to heat up.

Skin Color

Earlier, lasers were more useful for people with fair-skin, for hair removal. However, dark skinned people can also go for laser treatment, but they need more gentle and more treatments to obtain the similar results.


Compared to the traditional methods for hair removal, like shaving, waxing and plucking would remove the shaft of the hair only. Eventually, it leaves the hair follicle, which would continue to grow new hair again.

Permanent hair removal by laser is an effective, safe, convenient and the best alternative to other hair removal methods. Large areas of body and face are easily and quickly treated with the laser. With a single treatment session, much visible difference is experienced and repeated treatments would easily obtain desired results.