What Is It?

Q-Switched laser treatment is performed to remove any tattoos, brown spots or sun freckles that are unwanted from the skin.

How Does Q-Switched Laser Treatment Work?

There are different kinds of skin problems in the world and numerous treatments to solve all these problems. In this context, matching the problem and treatment becomes vital for effective solution to the skin problems. Q-Switched laser treatment is an appropriate treatment to remove or cure smaller or larger isolated colored spots. So, if you have any colored spots, you can choose this treatment. This treatment is suitable only when there are a few spots, not more number of diffused spots. If the spots are numerous, then the appropriate treatment can be photorejuvenation procedure, like with fraxel laser or intense pulse light laser.

When the laser energy is applied, the skin feels exposure to the hot dots. To counter this feel and discomfort, a cold air is streamed and directed at the target place, while the treatment is going on. Before the tattoo removal treatment, anaesthetic has to be given to encounter any possible pain.

What Happens After the Treatment?

In case cold sores history is there over herpes simplex, it must be well informed before the treatment. Otherwise, there is possibility of activating the virus with the treatment. Over the treated area, the crust gets retained for at least a few days and maximum of 2 weeks. This period may be increased till 3 to 4 weeks. After the treatment, petroleum jelly or plain Vaseline has to be applied over the treated area and the area should be bandage covered till it gets completely healed, until it gets completely healed. Though makeup can be applied, it may not be completely covering the treated area.

Once the treatment is over, there may be burning sensation at the area of treatment and it continues for a few hours. A crust is formed after the spot becomes red and it should be well covered to ensure faster and optimal healing. The crust takes 3 days to 14 days, based on the nature of target site and quality of care taken.


Even after the sun freckle is disappeared and crust gets healed, brown or red spots can be re-appeared. However, thought it is not a permanent treatment, re-treatment can be done if the spots persist.

Side Effects

Side effects, like scars and infections are very rare. To prevent these side effects, skin avoidance and proper skin care are important to follow.


Unlike the other treatments, Q-Switched laser treatment does not leave any remnants, like white spots and it stands as the major benefit of going to this treatment.

Individual brown spots can be reduced to the extent from 75 to 100%, in a single treatment. Rest of the color can be neutralized after a second treatment and rarely a third treatment is required. So, within two to three treatments, the solution can be obtained.