Resurfacing Laser Skin Therapy

Resurfacing Laser Skin Therapy

What is Resurfacing Laser Skin Therapy?

Skin resurfacing laser skin therapy is simply a new resurfacing laser technique that discards different skin layers in a fractionated way. The procedure is very effective as it tricks the skin into self-rejuvenation. So, skin with deeper wrinkles can be treated very effectively and under this condition, this procedure is preferred by the dermatologists. Other skin conditions, which can be well treated by this procedure are acne, sun burns, scars, which result from trauma or surgery or from any severe damage.

Resurfacing Laser Skin Therapy

The most common resurfacing laser skin therapy is the fractionated CO2 laser skin therapy, which is in practise widely and has been approved by the FDA, in the US as well as by other medial regulatory bodies.

Before the procedure starts topical numbing cream is applied on the targeted area to reduce any discomfort that may occur. The procedure involves emitting the specific wavelength of the impulses by the CO2 laser gun light. These laser beams are absorbed effectively by the moisture or water that exists on the skin surface. The fractionated or pixelated laser beams penetrate into deep skin layers and it checks out the older skin and new and fresh skin is replaced.

Laser beam gets scattered or fractioned into close columns through laser gun over the sight of treatment or affected area, by varied size of laser beam. There are certain adjustments done to ensure precise light volume to be emitted in a uniform pattern, based on the condition of the skin and severity of the problem. Eventually different intensity of light and pattern are received, based on the lesion nature and type of skin. Surgical scars remedy is achievable by the fractional CO2 laser procedure and it helps to obtain smoother, younger and fresh looking skin.

Lasers do suck the water out from the skin and the skin feels tight and dry. An audible speedometer is attached to the device to display the current speed and it helps to control the speed if needed. The structure and tone are potentially improved through treating the smaller pores present on the surface of the skin, as age related wrinkles and unwanted brown spots are removed.

The entire procedure is safe and it may give the sensation of ticklish needle. This sensation can be controlled by placing ice gels, right before as well after the procedure. Totally, the procedure takes nearly 5 minutes.

Post Procedure

There can be white patches that may be appeared as pinkish colour at the target area after the procedure. No need to worry, as these patches can be easily faded away in one day.


Resurfacing laser skin therapy is safer procedure, because the surrounding area of the skin is untouched. The same also helps in promoting faster recovery. Permanent results can be obtained by undergoing the procedure for 2 to 6 sittings, which can be covered from 3 to 4 weeks.