Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

What is Wrinkle?

Wrinkles, in simple terms, are the folds of the skin on face and other parts of the body too, like neck, tops of forearms and backs of the hands. Wrinkles are mainly caused from more exposure to the sun. Many women and men also think that wrinkles are inevitable with the growing age and can’t get rid of them. However, with the advancement of the medical technology, these wrinkles can be treated and you can look as young as you wish.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

Wrinkle reduction treatment is purely non-surgical procedure, and very fine needle are used by trained doctors to administer active medicine in very small amounts into facial muscles targeted. Wrinkle reduction treatment is administered using a purified and natural protein. It works by relaxing the wrinkles and eventually rejuvenated appearance is the result. The treatment is given as a medicine and it must be prescribed by only medical professionals. The injection would be sting only for a very few seconds.

The treatment entirely takes only 10 minutes. There may be a small and brief discomfort and so anaesthetic medicine is not needed. The patient can resume his or her regular activities soon after the treatment.

How the Treatment Works?

The treatment enables the specific facial muscles, which cause dynamic wrinkles. It treats the wrinkles, which get formed through different facial expressions. Once the muscles get relaxed, they cannot be contracted and undesirable facial expressions cannot be prevented. Eventually, the existing wrinkle lines get smoothen gradually and forming of new lines is further prevented. The dosage recommended and given varies according to the individual requirement, usually according to the severity of wrinkle lines.

Other Treatments

There are several treatments developed to treat wrinkles in various methods and ways in the medical industry.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids – it consists of lactic acid and glycolic acid and together are called as fruit acids. Using these acids in the procedure is safe as it does not harm the skin, except irritation to be given temporarily. However, it gives relatively subtle improvement.

Retinoids – This is an effective medical treatment to treat wrinkles and other signs of aging, like roughness, uneven pigmentation, etc. Though initially peeling and redness are resulted in unpleasant experience, once the peeling stops, improvement can be better.

Dermabrasion – This treatment can make a huge difference, as the procedure sands the wrinkled skin, provided it is dealt and administered by experienced and skilled professional. If the treatment is not done by the expertise, permanent skin color change and scarring are possible.

Post Treatment

After the wrinkles treatment, the results are visible, however, it does not change the appearance of the face radically, the only difference being is that there are less wrinkles shown even with evident emotions. The positive effects would at least be carried up to six months to one year. The treatments can be repeated as and when required.


Wrinkles treatment is not very expensive, as the expenditure spent for the procedure is worth, as there can be tremendous change in the face, as it reduces decades of age. The procedure is very simple and does not need much preparations or much post procedure care and the results are considerably lasting long.