What skin treatments could you expect from a cosmetic surgeon?

What skin treatments could you expect from a cosmetic surgeon?

A cosmetic surgeon in Delhi can help maintain good looks even at an advanced age. Whether it is saggy skin on your face and neck, creases and wrinkles on the face, acne, or any other skin condition, you can find the right solution to your skin problems.

Loose skin

It is common in advanced age because the production of collagen responsible for tightening skin slows down with age. The biggest disadvantage of loose skin is that it makes you appear as if you are older than you are. But there is little to worry about loose skin as you can get the younger look again with a short treatment.

Skin tightening treatment in Delhi includes ultrasound, radiofrequencing, and radiofrequencingmicroneedling. All these treatments work and give long-lasting results. Depending on your skin type, your dermatologist could suggest ultrasound therapy that involves deep heating of the skin. Or the doctor could suggest radiofrequencing that can trigger collagen production because of deep heating the skin.


It is normal for the skin getting creases an advance age but you don’t need to let it happen to your skin especially when you have the option of removing skin creases and wrinkles. It will be a short treatment and it isn’t very expensive. And the treatment works well for everyone. You will see exciting results within a short time.

Wrinkle reduction treatment in Delhi is purely a non-surgical procedure and is administered only by trained hands. The medicine administered is prescribed by a trained medical professional. Injection administration will take only a few seconds and the treatment will last only for 10 minutes. But no anesthetic medicine will be needed for the treatment.


Acne can be defined as a small eruption or break out of the skin in the form of pimples. It is a painful skin condition and could leave marks on the skin. Acne can be treated with over-the-counter medicines including topical creams but it is better to visit a dermatologist for better treatment. Acnes are common in teenagers but it doesn’t mean that they should take it lightly.

The best acne treatment in Delhi could be a little longer and arduous but it will give the best results. Also, it will need certain formulations like benzoyl peroxide and tetracycline. The objective of the treatment is to reduce inflammation and remove acne without any marks on the skin. The treatment will keep your skin clean, clear, and young forever.

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