When do you need visiting a trichologist?

When do you need visiting a trichologist?

Hair fall is a serious skin condition fall under trichology, the branch of medicine that deals with hair and scalp. Those suffering from hair thinning, hair breakage, and hair fall should see the best trichologists in Delhi for treatment.

What is trichology?

In medical terminology, it is the study of hair and scalp and conditions related to them. And the problems are most of the time related to hair like untimely fall and breakage. The job of a trichologist is to treat hair and scalp conditions.

Causes of hair and scalp conditions

Every time you comb your locks, you find some hair strands attached to the comb. But it is common. But at the same time, you need to be careful as seeing more hair strands in comb could be a medical condition emerging from a multitude of factors including hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and precipitation by drugs. Also, it could be due to an injury or trauma.


It includes a physical examination of hair and scalp and nutritional counselling. Also, your trichologist could recommend a few tests like free testosterone prolactin, blood sugar, TSH, T3, T4, and kidney and liver function test. But it all depends on his findings. He will prescribe a test only when he feels the need.


After diagnosis, the trichologist will choose a line of treatment whose result will be seen in the coming days. You will find that your locks have improved from the root and that they have become stronger and shiny.

Common treatment options

1. Hair transplant

It is a surgical treatment that gives quick results and it is recommended to those that need quick treatment or that don’t respond to other treatment options.

2. Anti-microbiology therapy

If the problem of hair fall is diagnosed to be a fungal infection on the scalp, the patients are provided with this therapy.

3. Micro-nutrient therapy and minerals therapy

Sometimes a hair-problem starts due to deficiency of minerals. In this situation, it is only a micro-nutrient therapy that can help.

4. Locally applicable gels

It is part of a clinical OPD procedure where the patients are asked to get treatment in clinics. It involves the application of gels or drugs on the root of hair on the scalp.

5. Hormone therapy

Depending on the test results, a dermatologist consultant in Delhi could prescribe hormone therapy that can correct the hair fall within 3 to 6 months depending on the overall medical condition of the patient.

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