Why laser is the best facial hair treatment?

Why laser is the best facial hair treatment?

If you go for facial hair treatment in Delhi, you will get laser treatment that is faster and easier. Also, you will find it safer in comparison to other treatment options like electrolysis where each hair follicle is given individual treatment. In laser, hundreds of follicles are shot at one go.


Here you can argue that treatment with a high laser beam could harm your skin. It can burn the skin as well. But an experienced dermatologist can keep it safe. The laser beam that will be shot at your facial hair will be turned or on pulsed for a very short time like a fraction of a second. The treatment will disable each hair follicle.

It isn’t that the laser beam won’t heat the treatment area but that the heat generated by the laser can be cooled with a handpiece. It is a device that can effectively prevent the skin from coming in direct contact with the laser beam. You will only feel a stinging and tingling sensation on the skin during treatment.

A dermatologist can provide the best hair loss treatment in Delhi as well. If your locks are falling, then it should be a matter of concern for you as soon you will become bald. But it can be stopped with oral medicines and non-surgical as well a surgical treatment option. Let a dermatologist examine your hair and scalp to choose the right treatment.


The best treatment for your bald head is transplanting healthy follicles from the back of your head to the bald area. If you have become bald then choose a hair transplant. It is a surgical process performed by tools designed for making small pores on the bald area. It is called grafting and it doesn’t require sutures and stitches.

Grafting involves inserting hair follicles into the scalp and let the blood hold the grafted hair follicles in the scalp. The blood thickening process holds the grafts together and allows growing like other healthy locks. Soon you will get a full head of bouncy, silky, and healthy tresses. But you will need to prevent hair fall by maintaining new and healthy hair.


Meet hair transplant doctors in Delhi to know more about the procedure and the cost involved. Grafting is a surgical process but is different from regular surgeries. Here a dermatologist will make minor holes on your scalp and place grafts to convert baldness into a full head of hair.

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